jueves, 21 de febrero de 2013

February Fun!

February is FLYING by! As we say in English "time flies when you're having fun!". And we are certainly having fun in the bilingual classrooms this month. February means many things for many people. In general it means cooooold weather! Rainy, windy, and cold. Here we don´t have much snow but in many places, like Emily's city, there is LOTS of snow, and they make snowmen! Muñecos de nieve! In the second grade we made 3D snowmen using shaving cream and glue. Check out the pictures!

In Andalucia, and above all, Cádiz, February means CARNAVAL! Costumes, singing, dancing, and having fun with friends. With the second grade class, we made some pretty masks in art class. Here are some pictures:

In first and second grade we also made cute Valentine's Day cards for our friends and family. The kids in 2nd grade made one for their friends on the American base, and they got a surprise because the kids in that school sent us cards too!

Thanks so much, DGF Elementary!!

 In the sixth grade classes, Emily showed us that February also means certain things in the United States and around the world. Black History Month, Groundhog's Day, the Super Bowl, and Valentine's day all happen in February. Take a look!

In the presentation we talked about the SUPER BOWL, the most important American football game of the year. Emily told us that the advertisements during the Super Bowl are the best and funniest advertisements of the year. Here are a few that we saw:


Next week is the Day of Andalucia and then, in a flash, we enter into March!! Let's see what March has to bring us!