martes, 24 de enero de 2012

Healthy and Unhealthy Foods with First Grade A & B

Last week, in First A & B, we began a new unit about Healthy and Unhealthy foods. We are learning the origins of food, if they are either plant or animal. After learning the names and origins of the foods, we started to learn how to identify if the foods are healthy or unhealthy.

We haved played games that allowed the students to interact with deciding if the foods are healthy or unhealthy. For instance, yesterday in First B we had two posters, one healthy and the other unhealthy. We removed the food pictures and allowed a few students to place them on the poster they thought was correct.

Also, we have read the story about The Little Red Hen. When we finished with the story we asked the students questions about the story based on The Hen, her friends, Wheat, Flour, Bread, and etc.

The students love learning about food and are having a lot of fun with the different projects and games we have been playing.

They are learning how to eat healthy, so when they ask for fruit rather than sweets dont be surprised.