miércoles, 10 de octubre de 2012

A bit of History: Happy Columbus Day 2012!

                                                     Happy Cobumbus Day!!!

"Hats" Infants (5 Year Olds A-B) 
October the 12th is an International holiday world wide known as:
"Colombus Day"
"Día de la Hispanidad"
"Día de las Razas".
It's a special holiday because we celebrate when Christopher Columbus discovered America in 1492.

Emily Woerfel (language assistant)

We've celebrated  it at our school. We has learnt some more about this important issue. See what we have done. We all hope you like it!

"Boats" 2nd graders A -B

3rd & 4th  A-B

DGF Elementary School and CEIP Calasanz Penpal Project

Both 2nd grader students from the Elementary DGF School at Naval Base and CEIP Calasanz in Rota are working on a Penpal Project in October 2012. They're all very excited about the idea of getting to know new friends from other countries and cultures. We want to thank teachers and students for their time too!

DGF Elementary School letters
2nd A CEIP Calasanz School
2nd B CEIP Calasanz School
DGF Elementary Scholl letters
2nd B CEIP Calasanz School

Emily's 1st day at Calasanz

On Monday October 1st it was Emily's first day at Calasanz school. We'll like to welcome her and wish her a wonderful school year 2012-13.
Thanks for your time and special dedication!

domingo, 7 de octubre de 2012

Days of the Week!

Let´s practice the days of the week! Play the game and put the days in order.

Practiquemos los días de la semana. Juega el juego y pon los días en orden.

Let's Practice! (Infantile)

Here are some fun songs to help practice the English alphabet, numbers, and the weather. You can practice at home!

Aqui tenéis unas canciones graciosas para practicar el alfabeto, los numeros, y el tiempo en inglés. Podéis practicar en casa!

Now let's practice with numbers up to ten with a song with bears in the bed!
Ahora practiquemos con numeros hasta diez con una canción con osos en la cama!

And one more to practice the weather! Think...what´s the weather like today?
Y una más para practicar el tiempo! Pensad...como está el tiempo hoy?