domingo, 20 de noviembre de 2011

Happy Thanksgiving day 2011!

A little bit of History

Thanksgiving is an old custom and was common in Europe and Asia long before the Pilgrim Fathers gave their Thanksgiving in the autumn of 1621.
Half of their number (51 people) had died during their terrible first winter. But in the autumn, the harvest was a success. They were so joyful, they organised a great feast. It lasted three days. Thanksgiving Day is celebrated on the fourth Thursday in November.

The Pilgrim Fathers left Plymouth, England in September 1620. They were part of the group of 102 passengers who were travelling to New England (USA) to start a new life in the colonies. They arrived in Massachusetts after 66 days at sea in terrible weather. Their ship, the Mayflower, remained until the following spring, providing them with shelter while they built houses for themselves.

Here are some books you can read:

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Here are some crafts you can try:

1. Turkey
Turkey Table Topper

2. The pilgrims:

This is a nice song you can sing!

Cooking recipes:

1. Delicious turkey:

2. Classic pumpkin pie:

A nice video for you to watch: