miércoles, 28 de noviembre de 2012

Thanksgiving Festivities

Autumn means lots of fun activities and holidays like Halloween and Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is a very important holiday for Americans that happens on the fourth Thursday in November every year. This year I shared a presentation about why and how we celebrate Thanksgiving with the sixth grade class.

After the presentation we saw this funny video of a Thanksgiving Song. Have a listen!

Later, with the second grade classes, we painted turkeys. Gobble, gobble!!

With the 1st graders we made little Native American girls to celebrate the influence they had on the first Thanksgiving.

One more fun video--this is one of my favorite movies about Thanksgiving. Its a really funny cartoon called Charlie Brown. Enjoy!

jueves, 8 de noviembre de 2012

Welcome Autumn!

We are now in autumn. The weather is getting colder, the leaves are changing, and summer is over. Many exciting things happen in autumn. Columbus Day, Halloween, and Thanksgiving all happen in this season. Here are some of the activities that we have been doing in the school and some activities for you!

With 1st and 2nd grade we made autumn trees for the classroom and some funny witches for Halloween.

With 1st and 2nd we are also talking about parts of the body and the five senses in Science class. Here is a funny video that can help you learn the parts of the body with a